Friday, April 1, 2011

As Awsome As An Army With Banners

So I have been invited to preach at a Bible Conference in May. I like it when I'm asked to preach other places. It is nice to know that what I have to say is considered worth-while outside my own church.

So I thought about what I might say at the Bible Conference. (I have been strictly informed not to call this the "R" word.) After praying about it for a few weeks, I am fairly sure that I will use Song of Songs 6:10. Yes, preaching from the Song of Songs can be tricky.

There are three ways one can look at the SoS.
The Historical View, which says that these are real, historical characters. The Shulamite woman, her Beloved, and the women were real people.   I believe that is true.

The Romantic View, which says that this book is a guide to how we are to show romantic love within the God ordained bounds of marriage. This view is also true. Then there is,

The Classical View, which spiritualizes the content of this marvelous book, and shows the relationship between God and His people. Obviously, this is true as well.

As odd as it seems on the surface, I go with all three views. This is not contradictory. Solomon loved him some Queen Sheba, and she loved her some Beloved; which shows us how to love our spouses. And this is a wonderful type of the agape love the Father has for us.

Oh, yeah...Song of Songs 6:10: check this out
Who is she who looks forth as the morning, fair as the moon, clear as the sun, as awesome as an army with banners?

Who is she? The Shulamite woman; a man's betrothed; and the Bride of Christ. The church.

Solomon needed to rescue, renew, and restore his bride to her proper place. Likewise men, we must never forget to place our wife's importance above our own. But...I am focusing on that spiritualized context. Doesn't that sound a little bit like Revi...uhmmm... a Bible Conference message to you?

So here it is, The Recipe For Renewal (That R word should be allowed) Hopefully somebody that actually knows how to run the recording device will be in charge on May 3, and I can post the message here for your listening enjoyment

.Nevertheless, please pray that God will use this time to bless in a mighty way.