Saturday, August 14, 2010


Welcome to Biblical Turbulence. "What is this" you ask? A place for in-depth Biblical study and ponderings, as discussed by my friend Roy and me. Roy is the pastor of Shamrock Baptist Church, a fellow reformed theologian, and great friend. We meet about once a week for what Roy calls "bumpy road" topics. These are the subjects one must treat like driving a car over a bumpy road. You must slow down and take your time. I considered naming the blog Biblical Bumpy Roads, but Biblical Turbulence was more kitschy. And Bumpy Roads was already taken, so here we are.

This welcome post will be the one and only to discuss less weighty things. Check back for the first of these posts as we discuss a twofold subject: Hell, Hades, Tartarus, and The Lake of Fire. Are these all representations of the same place, or up to four separate realities? Then also, is preaching only to be viewed as a delivery system for the Gospel, or does it also act as a means of teaching natural and moral law?

Exciting stuff to delve in deeply. It brings back memories of my Study The Greek Sunday School class at FBC Shelbyville.

Well, for now I say,



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